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My first customer

July 15th, 2006 at 10:27 pm

Friday, July 13th, I went to Saras's house. She wanted to join the autosurfing group. She's the first I have signed up because I'm very confident of David. I showed her how to open the e-gold account, where to buy the e-gold and opened an account with 12by 12daily.
Had to rush back to the post office at ttdi before 5pm so that I can cash out my money in ASB and buy 100usd e-gold from elvis.
Elvis transfered the 100usd e-gold within 2 hours into my account. How I wish I had found elvis earlier. Then, I wouldn't have finished up my bro's cc! Now it's maxed!
I'm so happy I managed to buy 78usd from 12by12. Now I must not forget to surf everyday!
Don't know how vijen looked after aleef. His forehead got bruised. Luckily DH is now in Thailand. Will be back on Sun.

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