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Trip to Melaka

July 18th, 2006 at 03:27 pm

Mon. 17th July 2006. Early morning, mak called to say b ali had passed away. so, DH and I decided to go back to kampong after visiting the spices' mill in Melaka. Terrible! Very dirty. They have to do a lot of work to clean up the factory before applying for halal.
Reached kampong after 2.30pm. Everything was over. DH and I couldn't find where the cemetery was.
Reached mak's house abt 3pm. zam and wan busy aranging zam's things (arrived last night). a lot of things.
Left kampong with zam at about 5.30pm. Reached KL about 6.45pm. Managed to pick up aishah from school.
Elyana's fever has gone down. Thanks to the magnet's north pole that I used (that had prevented the sore throat from getting worse by making the area alkaline and so the bacteria couldn't multiply) and the chloropyll, honey and herbs combination that increased her body resistance. So, I saved RM20.00 for not going to see doctor. Yay!! Tomorrow, Elyana can go to school.
Went to send Zam back to Palladium Condo at 8pm with DH, DD and DS. Nice place, but zam has to pay RM700 and innn pays RM400? Not fair!
Sherry sent e-mail to say that she has to pay for the call at 1.25per min. So, she has signed out.
I don't understand why all my mails to sherry are being rejected by her server as "spam"!
Better stop now.

2 Responses to “Trip to Melaka”

  1. Renee McCrory Says:

    magnet's north pole? Please elaborate.

  2. rosenamemy Says:

    Hi Renee,
    The magnet has north and south poles. The south pole is +ve and acidic. When there's an infection, the infected area becomes acidic and in this acidic environment, the bacteria grows. So, if you put the south pole on the affected area, the infection becomes worse and more painful.
    On the other hand, the north pole is -ve and alkaline. When you put the north pole of the magnet on the affected area, the area becomes alkaline and the environment is not conducive for the bacteria to grow.
    I use magnets for every little thing. If there's a cut, bruise, infection, gastric pain, fracture, etc, I use the north pole of the magnet to speed up healing and save any medical fees!!.

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