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Sunday 24th

September 25th, 2006 at 08:00 pm

First day of fasting. Sad, didn't go back to kampong to break fast with my mom and other brothers.
Adam got up at 4am together with us to eat sahur (of course he didn't eat-lah.)Ell cuti becos 'period'.
Not hard to fast nowadays. Day flies fast. Went to chowkit wet market. Bought 4 types of fish for RM29. Really good deal becos stall going to close for the day.
Day is cool. Whole country raining (probably).

Talk for enterpreneurs

September 25th, 2006 at 07:53 pm

Went to PUNB for talk with dh. On the way, had minor accident. Motocyclist from courier company couldn't avoid us becos dh turned too fast to go into parking lot. (Oh no... had to pay rm290 for repairs to the bike.)
Attended talk with zam (came late from kampong). dh said we might be able to make it, ie get the funds for zam to start his blatik industry in kampong.
Hope we make it, God willing...

New company

September 21st, 2006 at 07:54 pm

Even tho' Kubang Gajah Blatik Industry has been approved by the registrar of companies, Zam wants it to be changed to pte ltd. So, now have to do all over again and it's more expensive.
On a brighter note, Zam banked in first cheque for rm5000 from his painting sale at the 1st gallery.
Tomorrow, a lorry will come to take more paintings from my house to the 2nd gallery.

DH joined me today!

September 21st, 2006 at 07:49 pm

How happy I am. DH has joined me in 12by12! He upgraded USD1200 under me. That means, in 20 days time he'll get USD1728 and I get USD144.

New name approved

August 21st, 2006 at 09:25 pm

Went to SSM-Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. name 'Kubang Gajah Blatik Industry' approved. so, zakiah and i will become the new directors. have to go back to kampung to get her signature soon. have not seen my mak for quite some time. she rindu to see adam - he's now 19 mths old.

How lucky can I get?

August 21st, 2006 at 09:16 pm

Monday 21/8/06: Scheduled to send myvi for service. i was supposed to drive kelisa and dh drive the myvi to workshop. dh asked to use my cc to pour petrol. i parked my car at petronas, while i slot in the cc for petrol for myvi. oh no, my kelisa's engine refused to start... i had forgotten to check the batery water-lah. it was dry!! after pouring the battery water, still cannot start. had to call AAM and after checking the date of purchase of the battery - 25th August 2005, my battery was still under warranty! so, i got a new battery free instead of having to pay 150rm. how lucky can i get???

I'm sooo happy!!

August 12th, 2006 at 09:00 pm

Haven't blogged for some time. Was anxiously waiting when I will get paid by dadndave.
I'm sooo happy today!! I got paid 112usd yesterday and 216usd today. That's alot of money if you multiply it by 3.75rm.
I won't cash it out. I will upgrade again. Wonder when Salmah and AZA will get their activation link, tho'. Once they get their activation link, they can upgrade and I will get a 12% commission on their upgrade.
As of today, dadndave payouts are uptodate.
I'm sooo happy.
My next step will be to get more people to join under me so that I can earn more.

Fixed expenses list

July 29th, 2006 at 10:56 pm

Today, DH listed out our fixed expenses:
rent: 1600rm
2 cars installments (kelisa & MYVi): 547rm + 800rm
3 fixed lines and 4 mobiles: +1000rm
utilities, water and electr: +400rm
massage chair instalment: 600rm
maid: 420rm

have not counted groceries, DD and DS's variable expenses
Total: not less than 5000rm!!

my goodness, gracious me. i have to work harder (see the word "I"?) DH gets the customers, but the work get stuck with me because i'm slow. i spend too much time surfing the internet, autosurfing, and reading other people's blogs, etc, etc??

1st no spend day

July 29th, 2006 at 10:41 pm

What n-s-d? early morning itself, took kelisa to buy 5 packets nasi lemak (stall about 1km away). DH complained it is not fresh. so, drove all the way back to the lady at the stall and complained and she replaced the 3 packets that we returned(after throwing away 2 packets). this time around, it was fresh. kelisa used up 4km worth of fuel for b'fast.
Afternoon, went to supermarket Giant alone to buy groceries (about 3kms away). when i go with DH, DD, DS and maid, i tend to overspend... so, didn't bring anybody on this trip. stuck to the list and spent 199.89rm. (normally, it would be more than 300rm)

No spend day

July 28th, 2006 at 09:58 pm

I like the sound of 'no spend days'. from today onwards, i'm going to participate in this 'n-s-d'. i spend a lot on groceries and fuel for my car. i take the kelisa out for every little errands.
Let's see. how many days and km can i go without filling up the fuel tank. i paid 54rm for a full tank. used my cc for it. i'll blog the no. of km and where i go.
then i'll also write down how much i spend for groceries. lots of things short in the kitchen. my maid is keeping tabs. already have a long list.

fuel: (54rm) km: 0
grocery: 0.00 rm

Fashion show in s'pore

July 28th, 2006 at 02:10 pm

DB zam said that s'pore rotary club has also invited him to do a charity fashion show soon. since he is muflis, i have to do alot of groundwork for him to leave the country.
Zam's also trying to get sponsors. DH's friend, ct is from s'pore and also active with rotary club in KL. must approach her soon. hope she can take some of zam's paintings out of my house and put it in her friend's art gallery. maybe some of it can get sold.

Oh my kelisa!

July 28th, 2006 at 02:02 pm

Since getting back the kelisa, finding lots of probs. yesterday, replaced exhaust pipe bcos it was giving lots of noise. same evening, found black oil leaking. today DH took kelisa to elango (mechanic)and was given a quotation of 1200rm to repair. oh no...
Also asked elango to put magnets on the fuel tank. filled the tank full of petrol. hd to pay 54rm. wonder what the mileage will be after putting the magnets on the fuel tank. my guru, mr joseph said that it will make the fuel burn more efficiently. let's see... full tank is only 30 litres. how many km can i get driving in the city of Kuala Lumpur?

Factory visits

July 27th, 2006 at 07:31 pm

Today went to 3 factories. Took DS and BIL vijen along. DS's very smart now. wl cry whenever he sees us leaving. so, looks like we have to take him along wherever we go. luckily BIL v is in between jobs now and can keep an eye on DS.
1st facory, soya sauce. had been inspected. some improvements needed. must take fotos and write letter to dept.
2nd factory, drinks. help to apply for premise license first from cityhall. then only can renew halal license.
3rd facory, nuts. owner very disturbed. so very, very difficult to get license becos cannot get CF. land title has not been converted from agric to industrial as yet. reason being state govt asking for 7rm per sq ft and this adds up to half million rm. so, who wants to pay? if don't pay, no CF and if no CF, no premise license. if no premise license, then cannot apply to renew halal. owner said he doesn't need any bcos his customers are mostly overseas. oh, well. anyways we advise him to apply. maybe, he might be able to get it with our help.
Oh yes, have to open a company for DB zam.
Mak said DB eddy is sad bcos i never go and see his wife who now has very bad morning sickness. yes, must go and visit her soon since DS and DD's flu is better.

Oh no, not recorded..

July 27th, 2006 at 07:10 pm

I signed up salmah today. can see the record under my referal but where's saras's? oh no, it's not recorded! i'm very sure my ref# was on the screen when i signed her up. i must contact admin about this but i must get saras's #ref first and it's 3.09am now!

My 2nd referrant, etc

July 27th, 2006 at 06:18 pm

Yesterday, 26th July, (wed), salmah came. opened an e-gold account for her and transferred 20usd for her. cld not sign-up for 12by12daily yet.
Did not go anywhere. tried to finish up some work by myself at home. DH had many appts for the whole day.
DS's flu getting better. saved 20rm medical fees. built up his body resistance with honey and chlorophyll. dried up the phlegm with herbal leaf(kappravallee in tamil. i really must find out the names in eng and malay.)
DD finished monthly test. woww. finished in 2 days (4 subjects a day). has already stopped her science tuition (now only having malay language tuition). we think it's a waste of money becos I'm a SAHM and can help her still. must channel the money saved into signing her up for drum classes.
BIL-4's case mentioned today. pleaded not guilty (tho' urine +ve). case postponed for 1 yr.
This is my DB, zam with his blatik garment entry for batik guild uk's exhibition. diane said it wl be exhibited until mar or dec 2007.

Bless my DH!

July 22nd, 2006 at 10:36 pm

As i read thru the blogs here, i find bloggers are trying to avoid using cc's. here i am trying to get another one! know why? it is the easiest place to borrow money! very hard for anybody to lend their monies to anyone now. so, my only option is to get another one. use it to buy e-gold, invest in 12by12daily and then put back the monies that i take out from the cc and then just play with the commission. easy, isn't it? but easier said than done, tho'. reason, i'm not eligible to apply for one. DH seems receptive and will help me. yayy!

Scary thuderstorm and my first referrel

July 22nd, 2006 at 10:26 pm

Saturday 22nd jul: Today must sign up for aishah and DD at Alliance Francais near Plaza Damansara. had to pay RM480.00 for DD to join the adult beginners class. looks like this time around, both of them are the youngest in an adult class. before this, they were the oldest in the children (9-12year olds) class. oh well...
Got caught in the thunderstorm at 1.20pm. my 1st time. scary, scary.. lots of trees fell down and even bus stop roofs flew off. later found that it was only in the plaza d'sara area. ttdi was spared and ttdi is only 6kms away. i baca ayat kursi many, many times.

Later at 5.30pm, went to saras' hse. showed her and hubby how to upgrade in 12by12daily. david has put in more servers. my link is now http://server5.12by12daily.com/?ref=394. they'll be earning soon, too. yayyy!!
i'll be able to cashout soon because my 1st upgrade expires on 25th jul 2006. my 2nd upgrade of 150usd has been credited today. now i'm earning more commission as i surf daily. it took 3 days for my upgrade to be credited in.

Another normal day for me

July 21st, 2006 at 05:47 pm

Salmah wants to come and signup with 12by12daily. But the upgrades will not be credited as yet. New servers not ready. Traffic still way too high. So, i discouraged her from joining as yet.
Saras said she wants to come with her DH to my hse. I discouraged her too (for the same reason).
DS is now 'flued' too. DD's not too bad. DS has been very good - very seldom 'flued' compared to DD when she was younger. DD has her monthly too. So, that's the reason she's been having headaches - PMT!
Luckily I managed to keep the flu at bay from myself by ingesting lots of herbs - mostly from my garden. Have saved a lot of money by growing own herbs, boiling and drinking different ones everyday.
Zam came in the afternoon to give the CD for the garment and blatik sample to be e-mailed to batik guild UK for the exhibition.
DH sent license application for draphoe to cityhall. But was asked to fill up the original form. Have to resubmit.
Finished wrigley's product and ingreds' form. DH wants to go and submit 2moro.
CT's coming 2moro to give another assignment to DH.
Have to work harder bcos BIL-1 is on MC and won't be contributing to household expenses.

Normal day in KL

July 20th, 2006 at 02:41 pm

Had upgraded 150usd in my 12by12daily.net but traffic too heavy. Money still not credited. Hope their server upgrade will finish soon. And I can start surfing and earning.
Early morning, niece, loshi called from the paediatrician for a lift back to her hse in bangsar because her daughter payel was sick. Introduced her to autosurfing. She's interested bcos she's now a fulltime housemanager. Also fetched BIL vijen from bangsar dental clinic.
Chatted 1st time with daphne in perth. She might consider coming to malaysia and help me out in my business. She's also interested to make money from autosurfing. Yayy!

Making money

July 19th, 2006 at 10:05 pm

Wed, 19th July 2006. First time I met Sam today. I had always referred to him any customers who want to buy disposable caps. Dropped in and showed me all his products. He will pay me commission for any products sold to my recommended customers. Yayy!!
Janet also came. But she got a call to say that she has to take a group to China for 2 weeks tomorrow night. She's interested to join my autosurf site:
but traffic is too high. Couldn't login and sign up. Hope she'll sign up soon, so that I can earn and make more money. Yayy!!
Went to 4 factories today morning. Champ Pein (took fotos of improvements done), Draphoe (took docs for license and halal applications), Tin Hong Loke Guan (advised on improvements to be done) and City Roti (took bank draft for dept and cheque for us - yayy!)

Trip to Melaka

July 18th, 2006 at 03:27 pm

Mon. 17th July 2006. Early morning, mak called to say b ali had passed away. so, DH and I decided to go back to kampong after visiting the spices' mill in Melaka. Terrible! Very dirty. They have to do a lot of work to clean up the factory before applying for halal.
Reached kampong after 2.30pm. Everything was over. DH and I couldn't find where the cemetery was.
Reached mak's house abt 3pm. zam and wan busy aranging zam's things (arrived last night). a lot of things.
Left kampong with zam at about 5.30pm. Reached KL about 6.45pm. Managed to pick up aishah from school.
Elyana's fever has gone down. Thanks to the magnet's north pole that I used (that had prevented the sore throat from getting worse by making the area alkaline and so the bacteria couldn't multiply) and the chloropyll, honey and herbs combination that increased her body resistance. So, I saved RM20.00 for not going to see doctor. Yay!! Tomorrow, Elyana can go to school.
Went to send Zam back to Palladium Condo at 8pm with DH, DD and DS. Nice place, but zam has to pay RM700 and innn pays RM400? Not fair!
Sherry sent e-mail to say that she has to pay for the call at 1.25per min. So, she has signed out.
I don't understand why all my mails to sherry are being rejected by her server as "spam"!
Better stop now.

Must start writing!

July 16th, 2006 at 06:26 am

Honestly. I must start writing down my expenses. Can't go on like this. What is keeping me from writing it all down and up-to-date?

Kelisa returned on sat 14th July 2006

July 16th, 2006 at 06:23 am

Salmah, hubby and daughter came and sent back the kelisa. Feels good to lend her our spare car. So, she's now taken the proton saga.
Elyana's happy to get back the kelisa. So do I. Now my petrol bill won't be sooo high-la.