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Factory visits

July 27th, 2006 at 07:31 pm

Today went to 3 factories. Took DS and BIL vijen along. DS's very smart now. wl cry whenever he sees us leaving. so, looks like we have to take him along wherever we go. luckily BIL v is in between jobs now and can keep an eye on DS.
1st facory, soya sauce. had been inspected. some improvements needed. must take fotos and write letter to dept.
2nd factory, drinks. help to apply for premise license first from cityhall. then only can renew halal license.
3rd facory, nuts. owner very disturbed. so very, very difficult to get license becos cannot get CF. land title has not been converted from agric to industrial as yet. reason being state govt asking for 7rm per sq ft and this adds up to half million rm. so, who wants to pay? if don't pay, no CF and if no CF, no premise license. if no premise license, then cannot apply to renew halal. owner said he doesn't need any bcos his customers are mostly overseas. oh, well. anyways we advise him to apply. maybe, he might be able to get it with our help.
Oh yes, have to open a company for DB zam.
Mak said DB eddy is sad bcos i never go and see his wife who now has very bad morning sickness. yes, must go and visit her soon since DS and DD's flu is better.

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