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My 2nd referrant, etc

July 27th, 2006 at 06:18 pm

Yesterday, 26th July, (wed), salmah came. opened an e-gold account for her and transferred 20usd for her. cld not sign-up for 12by12daily yet.
Did not go anywhere. tried to finish up some work by myself at home. DH had many appts for the whole day.
DS's flu getting better. saved 20rm medical fees. built up his body resistance with honey and chlorophyll. dried up the phlegm with herbal leaf(kappravallee in tamil. i really must find out the names in eng and malay.)
DD finished monthly test. woww. finished in 2 days (4 subjects a day). has already stopped her science tuition (now only having malay language tuition). we think it's a waste of money becos I'm a SAHM and can help her still. must channel the money saved into signing her up for drum classes.
BIL-4's case mentioned today. pleaded not guilty (tho' urine +ve). case postponed for 1 yr.
This is my DB, zam with his blatik garment entry for batik guild uk's exhibition. diane said it wl be exhibited until mar or dec 2007.

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