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Making money

July 19th, 2006 at 10:05 pm

Wed, 19th July 2006. First time I met Sam today. I had always referred to him any customers who want to buy disposable caps. Dropped in and showed me all his products. He will pay me commission for any products sold to my recommended customers. Yayy!!
Janet also came. But she got a call to say that she has to take a group to China for 2 weeks tomorrow night. She's interested to join my autosurf site:
but traffic is too high. Couldn't login and sign up. Hope she'll sign up soon, so that I can earn and make more money. Yayy!!
Went to 4 factories today morning. Champ Pein (took fotos of improvements done), Draphoe (took docs for license and halal applications), Tin Hong Loke Guan (advised on improvements to be done) and City Roti (took bank draft for dept and cheque for us - yayy!)

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