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1st no spend day

July 29th, 2006 at 10:41 pm

What n-s-d? early morning itself, took kelisa to buy 5 packets nasi lemak (stall about 1km away). DH complained it is not fresh. so, drove all the way back to the lady at the stall and complained and she replaced the 3 packets that we returned(after throwing away 2 packets). this time around, it was fresh. kelisa used up 4km worth of fuel for b'fast.
Afternoon, went to supermarket Giant alone to buy groceries (about 3kms away). when i go with DH, DD, DS and maid, i tend to overspend... so, didn't bring anybody on this trip. stuck to the list and spent 199.89rm. (normally, it would be more than 300rm)

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