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Scary thuderstorm and my first referrel

July 22nd, 2006 at 10:26 pm

Saturday 22nd jul: Today must sign up for aishah and DD at Alliance Francais near Plaza Damansara. had to pay RM480.00 for DD to join the adult beginners class. looks like this time around, both of them are the youngest in an adult class. before this, they were the oldest in the children (9-12year olds) class. oh well...
Got caught in the thunderstorm at 1.20pm. my 1st time. scary, scary.. lots of trees fell down and even bus stop roofs flew off. later found that it was only in the plaza d'sara area. ttdi was spared and ttdi is only 6kms away. i baca ayat kursi many, many times.

Later at 5.30pm, went to saras' hse. showed her and hubby how to upgrade in 12by12daily. david has put in more servers. my link is now http://server5.12by12daily.com/?ref=394. they'll be earning soon, too. yayyy!!
i'll be able to cashout soon because my 1st upgrade expires on 25th jul 2006. my 2nd upgrade of 150usd has been credited today. now i'm earning more commission as i surf daily. it took 3 days for my upgrade to be credited in.

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