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Another normal day for me

July 21st, 2006 at 05:47 pm

Salmah wants to come and signup with 12by12daily. But the upgrades will not be credited as yet. New servers not ready. Traffic still way too high. So, i discouraged her from joining as yet.
Saras said she wants to come with her DH to my hse. I discouraged her too (for the same reason).
DS is now 'flued' too. DD's not too bad. DS has been very good - very seldom 'flued' compared to DD when she was younger. DD has her monthly too. So, that's the reason she's been having headaches - PMT!
Luckily I managed to keep the flu at bay from myself by ingesting lots of herbs - mostly from my garden. Have saved a lot of money by growing own herbs, boiling and drinking different ones everyday.
Zam came in the afternoon to give the CD for the garment and blatik sample to be e-mailed to batik guild UK for the exhibition.
DH sent license application for draphoe to cityhall. But was asked to fill up the original form. Have to resubmit.
Finished wrigley's product and ingreds' form. DH wants to go and submit 2moro.
CT's coming 2moro to give another assignment to DH.
Have to work harder bcos BIL-1 is on MC and won't be contributing to household expenses.

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